Our History

Keeping businesses secure since 2006, IVIS has quickly become a trusted name in commercial security


IVIS was founded to confront a growing problem within the security industry. Even when business owners were notified that an intruder was breaking into their business, they couldn't do anything except call law enforcement and hope they show up in time. That’s why we created a security service with remote monitors and deterrents to prevent crime before it can occur.

As motion-based technology became popular throughout the security industry, false alarms emerged as a concern for business owners. Negligible activity like stray animals and trash entering the security feeds would trigger false alerts to owners, disrupting and inconveniencing them throughout all hours of the day. To combat this issue, IVIS began Event Monitoring, in which remotely located security professionals called Virtual Sentries watch the surveillance feeds to verify the presence of an actual threat.


IVIS integrated machine learning into our software to more accurately identify the difference between various objects, and then used that software to alert Virtual Sentries when there’s activity you should be concerned about. This allowed us to provide a more accurate service at a cheaper cost.

In 2020, IVIS took the same security infrastructure that allows us to identify and track intruders and applied it to employees and customers as they move around your business. With this information, we took our service from a monthly cost to a value add by providing specific information about your employees and customers that can boost revenue and reduce expenses. Because we were able to provide all of these features using the same engine, we were able to offer these additional services at no extra cost.


Our Clients

"I now have so many ways to improve sales, address employee utilization, and monitor activity 24/7. Thanks to IVIS, my business runs more efficiently than ever before."


"INSIGHT has already helped me modernize my business and streamline our operations, and they just keep on looking for new ways to make my job easier."